St Elmo – Tincup – Mt Antero – Hancock Pass

Suitable for ATV’s, OHV Motorcycles, Side-by-Sides and 4×4’s.

Saint Elmo is one of the best preserved old mining towns in Colorado. In the summer, hundreds of visitors make the drive just to see the town.

There are two designated parking areas. One on the edge of St. Elmo and the other about a half mile before town. The parking area just before town has a restroom.

No specific trail maps are available, but the US forest Service map for the San Isabel National Forest can be used. Other maps such as the National Geographic series are also available.

Mount Antero – Parking for Mt. Antero is alongside the road about xx miles before town.

All the destinations originating from St. Elmo are to numerous to catalog here. However, two main trail system start from either of the parking areas near town; Hancock Pass and Tin Cup Pass.

Hancock Pass leads to a series of trails that can eventually take you to the town of Pitkin where gasoline is usually available.

Tin Cup

From St Elmo, Tin Cup Pass leads to the town of Tin Cup (with the world famous Frenchies restaurant) and the road leading to Taylor Park where gas is available. From Taylor Park many trails systems are available.

Two other trails start near St. Elmo, Iron Chest Mine and Grizzly Lake. Both are somewhat difficult and not suitable for motorcycles, or the inexperienced.

GPS Coordinates for:

MT Antero / FSR 277: LAT/LON (38.70979N 106.29136W) – UTM (387721.43E, 4285363.91N)

Saint Elmo: LAT/LON (38.70363N 106.34483W) – UTM (383062.21E, 4284747.22N)

Hancock Pass / FSR 295: (LAT/LON 38.70578N 106.34021W) – UTM (383467.44E, 4284979.92N)

Tin Cup Pass / FSR 267: LAT/LON (38.70378N 106.34902W) – UTM(382698.10E, 4284769.22N)
Directions to Saint Elmo: TBD